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Our Services

Our EPM Technology Consultants are Techies who understand and effectively collaborate with both Finance and IT.

Our EPM Technology Advisors bridge gaps and successfully collaborate with all the stakeholders involved.

Our independent Project Managers have extensive experience with managing international EPM projects.

We are EPM Technology Specialists

We are specialised in the following Technologies:

  • Oracle EPM – Hyperion
  • OneStream XF
  • IAAS Cloud Technologies (Azure, AWS, Google, OCI)

EPM Vendor Selections:

  • EPM / CPM Platform Solutions
  • Consolidation & Reporting Solutions
  • FP&A / xP&A Solutions
  • Implementation Vendors

EPM Technology Advisory:

  • EPM Cloud Advisory (technology & sourcing)
  • Sourcing & Support models (assess, optimise, execute)
  • Governance & Compliance

Project Management: & Quality Assurance

  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

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