EPM Technology Consulting


Our EPM Technology Consultants are Techies who understand and effectively collaborate with both Finance and IT. They have in-depth knowledge of EPM & IT Technologies. Their expertise goes beyond the technical layer of EPM. They understand hardcore IT Technologies and collaboratively work with your IT specialists (or IT partner) to make sure that the EPM Solutions are implemented successfully from a Technology perspective.

Oracle EPM 11.2 (Hyperion) Upgrades

Everybody who is using Oracle Hyperion On-Prem and has not started to transition to the Cloud or an alternative EPM solution should start planning to upgrade to EPM 11.2 to stay compliant. We provide the services needed to successfully migrate your old ( or older) Oracle Hyperion solution to the latest supported version. We can also provide operational support services after the migration or train your internal support team to maintain the solution in-house.

Oracle EPM 11.2 (Hyperion) Maintenance & Support

Many organisations are or will be planning to migrate their Oracle Hyperion On-Prem solution to the Cloud or an alternative EPM solution. But there are still many customer organisations who have decided to keep on using Hyperion On-Prem for the foreseeable future.

The motives may vary but could be as simple as ‘no budget to re-invest’, ‘no time for a major project’ or ‘why change a good-working solution’. The good news for these customers is that the software will be supported by Oracle until at least 2030. The other good news is that we will also keep providing our maintenance & support services to these customers.

Cloud Consulting & Migrations (Azure, AWS, Google, OCI)

Most enterprises are using one of the leading IAAS Cloud solutions like AWS or Azure (Infrastructure As A Service). We can help you to successfully migrate your EPM On-Prem solution to your IAAS Cloud platform. We also provide operational support and training services to help your IT with supporting the EPM solution when it’s running in your IAAS Cloud. Find out how to benefit by combining Cloud and On-Prem and at the same time align with your IT Cloud strategy.


We can provide customised training for our customers on any of our specialism. Help you and your support team to understand the underlying Technologies involved and enable your team to provide a reasonable level of operational support for the solutions in use.

We are specialised in Oracle Hyperion, OneStream XF and Cloud Technologies (EPM Cloud, SAAS, IAAS, Azure, AWS, Google, OCI).

Find out how we can help you and contact us: info@tvr21.com