EPM Vendor Selections


There are basically two types of EPM vendors. You have the software vendors who develop the EPM software solutions, and you have the consultancies and service organisations who implement and support these EPM solutions. If you are in the process of selecting a new EPM software solution or trying to find the right party for you to help with the implementation or support of such a solution, we can help you with every step in the selection process. From gathering the requirements and wishes from your business to contract negotiations with the vendor sales and legal representatives.

Reasons to select a new EPM solution

Companies have different reasons to select an EPM software solution. It could be because the organisation has grown significantly, and current systems and processes don’t meet the changed requirements anymore. It could be because the current EPM system is outdated, or out of support. Or due to a merger or a divestment.

Group Finance and IT are usually both involved in the selection of a new EPM software solution. Group Finance is usually in the lead, as the future owner of the system, but sometimes IT is in the lead. Selecting the right EPM software solution for your organisation and your situation is not an easy process. Selecting and implementing a new EPM solution is a big investment with high impact, but if done properly, will also result in substantial business benefits.

EPM Software vendors and implementation partners

Many customers start by doing their own research and/or contacting different software vendors for information and demos. Some ask advice from a specialised EPM implementation partner, as many of them are specialised in multiple EPM software solutions.

Although both paths might help you in the selection process, you have to realise that both the software vendors and implementation partners are not objective. It’s obvious for the software vendors but not always that obvious for the multi-vendor implementation partners.

As helping customers with EPM vendor selections is our core business we decided to stay independent. We have good relationships but we don’t have partnerships with any of the software vendors.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on our broad experience within the EPM market. We are pragmatic and able to flexibly adjust the process if needed. We always start with a requirements phase. Assess the current situation, interview stakeholders, gather the functional and non-functional requirements.

We usually split the selecting of the EPM software solution from selecting an implementation partner because it’s a different type of selection with different selection criteria. We have developed are own templates for every process step, and we can flexibly adjust both the process and templates per individual customer situation and needs.

Why TVR21

  • Experienced Principal Consultants with more than 20 years of relevant experience
  • Extensive European Network (customer organisations, software vendors, implementation parties, contractors)
  • Pragmatic Approach (more result in less time, in-house developed selection process templates)
  • Truly Independent (no partnerships with any software vendors)

We are specialised in selecting EPM/CPM platforms, Consolidation & Reporting solutions, and FP&A/xP&A solutions.

Find out how we can help you and contact us: info@tvr21.com