EPM Technology Advisory


Our EPM Technology Advisors bridge gaps between Finance and IT. They have extensive experience with EPM & IT Technologies and collaborating with all the different stakeholders involved within large corporates. There are usually enough challenges on the Technology side, but don’t underestimate the challenges with or between all the different stakeholders involved, including external stakeholders.

We collaborate with corporate Finance & IT, but also other internal stakeholders like procurement, compliance and legal. And usually there are multiple external stakeholders involved like EPM software vendors, Consulting firms and IT vendors (incl. SAAS/IAAS/PAAS vendors).

Our independent Advisors have worked with many large corporates, EPM vendors, Consultancies and global IT service providers. We help our customers with their Cloud Journey, Sourcing & Support models, and Governance & Compliance challenges.

EPM Cloud Advisory

These days almost every Enterprise has defined a Cloud Strategy. Sometimes it looks very understandable and simple like: Cloud-first, or xx% should be in ‘The Cloud” by date xx, Migrate everything to Azure, unless..

If you look a bit deeper and into the Technologies it can actually be quite complex, especially if you’re not an IT specialist.

What does it mean when you want to move your EPM solution to “The Cloud”?

  • What are the options and are there alternatives?
  • Which assumptions are wrong?
  • Which new challenges will ‘the Cloud’ bring you?
  • What are the critical success factors for your situation?

We can help you assess your current situation and challenges and collaboratively define the steps and actions required to align with your Finance & IT strategies. We can also help defining and executing your EPM Cloud roadmap.

Sourcing & Support models

Every organisation has some level of experience with outsourcing (not all experiences are positive by the way). These days most customers are using many different solutions and suppliers, where different solutions are partly or fully outsourced (multi-sourcing).

For EPM solutions we see different sourcing models that customers are using. The part that is growing rapidly are the EPM Cloud solutions based on a SAAS model, basically outsourcing to the software vendor in combination with a subscription-based payment model. But even with these solutions there are often other parties still involved, like your IT department or an external consulting firm. And the EPM Cloud applications usually have multiple integrations with other solutions.

Besides outsourcing and multi-sourcing, it might be beneficial to also look at (partly) insourcing your EPM solution, especially if you are using On-Prem EPM software and you have your source systems and BI systems running internally or within your own IAAS setup (like AWS or Azure). There could be many advantages when it comes to data integration, system and application performance, compliance and security.

We can help you to define and transition to the sourcing model that fits best for your situation and requirements. And we can also help you with the operational support after a successful transition.

Governance & Compliance

How do you make sure that you stay in control of your EPM solution? Is it clear who is responsible and accountable for all the different parts of your solution?

Governance & Compliance is a challenge for every large corporation and is not limited to your EPM solution. But the complexity for EPM solutions has increased significantly over the past years with the growth of SAAS and IAAS usage within EPM, the growth of integrations and dependencies, and the number of (external) parties involved. As a customer you might not even know all the parties that are involved in supporting your solution.

We can help you to assess your current situation and address the gaps in your controls framework for your EPM solution. We can also help you to improve and transition to a more effective sourcing model.

Our EPM Advisors have extensive experience with EPM & IT Technologies and successfully collaborate with all stakeholders involved.

Find out how we can help you and contact us: info@tvr21.com