Project Management & Quality Assurance

Project Management

EPM projects are not your typical IT projects. There is usually significant IT involvement but the success of a well-managed EPM project is depending on many factors. A few of these key success factors are:

  • Be pragmatic and flexible. The project sometimes requires 24×7 support but budget usually allows only a few days or hours per week
  • Clear, effective and timely communication with ALL stakeholders, including stakeholders that might not have a very active project role
  • EPM and IT knowledge to work effectively with the different project teams and external suppliers involved
  • Understanding and managing (changing) customer expectations

We have managed large international EPM projects and our independent project managers always work completely for and on behalf of the customer.

Quality Assurance

EPM projects often involve many internal and external stakeholders. The projects are usually initiated by corporate Finance and include different internal teams and stakeholders from both Finance and IT, but sometimes also other departments like procurement, compliance or legal. On top of the different internal stakeholders there are often several external suppliers involved like an EPM software vendor, EPM consultancy, IT vendors, and independent contractors.

As EPM projects are usually part of a larger program and often marked as strategically important it might be beneficial to ask an independent party to provide a Quality Assurance role in the EPM project. Quality Assurance doesn’t only help the customer but also the other stakeholders involved in the project. Proper Quality Assurance will increase the overall project success and customer satisfaction.

Our independent project managers have extensive experience with managing international EPM projects, and stakeholder management.

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