Pre-book HFM 11.2 upgrade for 2021?

Oracle EPM 11.2 (Hyperion On-Prem) was released just before the end of 2019. Although some customers did upgrade to this latest Hyperion version this year, most organisations are planning this final upgrade for the year 2021. Furthermore because the Oracle premier support on the previous version ends in December 2021.

If you work for one of these organisations and if you are using HFM you might want to consider pre-booking your HFM 11.2 upgrade now. Global HFM users within large corporates usually only have two moments in the year where they can plan an upgrade without majorly impacting their busy reporting cycles. The first and preferred moment is usually at the end of the month May and a second option for August.

If you plan to Go-Live in May and you have a large setup, the upgrade activities might start already in January (next month), and for the smaller setups in March or early April. Although August fits for most organisations’ reporting cycle it might be a challenge to reserve all the teams needed during the final stages due to the summer holidays. We have seen projects where the HFM key user just got back from holiday a few days before the final data migration.

If you require external technical EPM specialists for the software installations and technical data migrations you might not be able to find any available, especially around the preferred migration dates. They will probably be fully booked if you wait too long as there aren’t that many active technical specialists anymore. When (the previous major release) became available, the number of fulltime technical Hyperion EPM specialists in Europe was at least 3 times higher than in current days.

Contact us now to secure your EPM Hyperion 11.2 upgrade activities for 2021.