Project Management for EPM projects

Everyone probably agrees that project management is a key role within any project, but the project management role in EPM projects varies. Below a description of the options we usually see including the benefits and potential disadvantages.

Project Manager is delivered by the Finance team


  • The PM has an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and processes as the Finance team is the end user of the EPM solution. The PM knows the key users and is often (indirectly) part of that team. The PM can effectively guide and help with user acceptance and testing phases.

Potential disadvantages:

  • The PM is wearing two hats at the same time. Finance is the ‘end user’ of the EPM solution. This might result in friction with other project stakeholders and could also result in non-objective project decisions.

Project Manager is delivered by the implementation partner


  • The implementation partner takes full responsibility for the successful delivery including project management. The PM can directly influence the project delivery and escalations as a large part of the team are colleagues, and the PM has extensive experience working with the delivery team.

Potential disadvantages:

  • This PM is also wearing two hats. This could lead to awkward situations for the PM especially if there are escalations related to the delivery team.

Project Manager is delivered by the customer’s IT team


  • Although IT is usually one of the stakeholders, the PM is often more independent than with the previous two options. From a project management perspective this could be a big benefit for the project itself.

Potential disadvantages:

  • The PM delivered by IT does not always have experience with managing EPM projects and the different types of teams involved. EPM projects are often not your typical IT projects. The PM might struggle between Finance as customer and the external delivery teams because of limited experience with EPM solutions and EPM projects.


A successful EPM project is not only depending on the PM or who delivers the PM. We do believe some project structures are more effective than others but having the right people in the project is always more important than any structure.


Project Managers from TVR21 are independent and have extensive experience with managing international EPM projects. They also have extensive IT experience and know how to effectively collaborate with all the different stakeholders involved.

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